My friend, Yi-Ying, has been going hard in the kitchen lately.  She’s always liked baking, but more recently decided to conquer macarons, the notoriously fickle and delicate French sweet. Once she got going it was hard to stop, and it seems like she’s been churning out a batch or two every week. Her flavors run […]

There’s a new friend on the camera shelf. Its name is Fuji X-T10. Hello tiny, retro-styled, mirrorless shooter! There was a good deal on Overstock (really? yes.) and now I have a camera for travel that feels incredibly light (in comparison). I will admit readily that I’m not a gear junkie, but, even then, the accumulation is real. This won’t make it to any of my shoots, but it’s been an easy stowaway for a jaunt to New York! #YayHamlet

James & Joanna | Family

Oh, to have boys. I took a stroll around the neighborhood with James, Joanna, and their two young sons and had the bright idea of incorporating something that they love into the shoot: riding their bikes!

Meera & George

Meera and George’s Hindu and Lutheran wedding ceremony took place in an outdoor tent at the Sunset Hills Vineyard. As they fulfilled each tradition—eating sweets, burning rice, tying scarves, and walking around the fire—George could not stop grinning.

Denise & Michael

Denise first noticed that something was up when Michael, her work buddy, went on vacation.  The creeping realization that she missed him caught her off guard. Denise didn’t go unnoticed by Michael either—her hundred watt smile lit up the room.