Grace & Young | Family

Grace and Young’s family was gracious enough to skip the Sunday football games and spend some time with me out in the Bull Run Mountains Conservancy. The kids played catch with a faux, air football and ran around up and down the train tracks.

Julia & Alan

The park along the waterfront in Georgetown is a great place to spend the waning hours of the weekend. Julia and Alan enjoyed the sunset goofing off at my request in the tall grasses. You can see Julia switching places and dipping Alan, but what is not pictured here are their re-enactments of the “I’m […]

Pear and Phuong live on the west coast, but decided to get married near our alma mater in Charlottesville, VA. UVA is where they met and got engaged, so it only makes sense that it’s where Phuong would pop the question. There’s a touch of nostalgia in being back on The Grounds in the Academical […]

Chen Family

It was three generations of the Chen family all headed off to a family vacation, but before they went, it was time for some family photos! It was a scorcher of a morning that day at Frying Pan Park, but we were able to have some fun with the whole family anyways.

Dexter Industries

I recently had the opportunity to take product photos for Dexter Industries. This innovative company creates small kits that make it easy for students of all ages to get started with building and programming robots. It was fun to photograph all these small parts, but even more fun to see kids partnering with their parents to […]

It’s been a while since I did the touristy thing and went to the National Mall. I knew that the turf was torn up, but I didn’t know it was torn up. It looks like that? Until 2017?? And the scaffolding doesn’t look nearly as cool on the Capitol building as it did on the Washington Monument. Oh well. Go, tax dollars, go!

Katie & Sean

Sean first remembers noticing Katie when she walked in talking loudly while he was playing the guitar. Sean had brought his guitar to college, despite not wanting to be that guy, but admits that playing and singing to her just may have done the trick.