Dawn Price Baby

Reston Town Center is ever-expanding, and, right next to The Papersource, a guilty pleasure of mine, is another dangerous contender: Dawn Price Baby. While I personally have no need for its wares yet, this local baby boutique makes it hard to not think of excuses to buy things for so-and-so’s new baby girl. With three […]

If you know me at all, you know I absolutely love food.  I know it’s all the rage to be a foodie now that the Food Network has made watching cupcakes for an hour a real thing, but I promise you I’ve been cooking myself things since elementary school. (Bacon for an after-school snack anyone? […]

The Army Distaff Foundation hosted its 17th Annual Gala to honor this year’s recipients of the Eisenhower Distinguished Citizen Award, Secretary of Defense and three-term US Senator William S. Cohen and Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers (R-KY). 1Dis·taff –  Device used in hand spinning thread. From 17th-century England, the word distaff became a synonym for maternal side of the family as […]

The Boardwalk

With the summer winding down and school just about to start, I went with ladies-only trip to the Ocean City. The high school girls from the youth group I lead had done all the work: they found a place on the boardwalk and they picked a date, they just needed adults with a credit card […]

A good friend of mine, Lily Griffin, reached out to me to take a few professional shots for her and a few friends. Many of them own their own small business (you can see Glorious Goblets‘ beautiful hand-painted glass), and some just need to represent themselves better online on social networks like LinkedIn. You can tell from […]

When you’re a teen, sleepover camps during the summer can be life-changing events for you. Chances are that you haven’t spent that much time away from the watchful eyes of your parents and it’s the most intense amount of social interaction you’ve ever had. And since everything is extreme when your life experience is so […]

I met up with Karen and Rachel on the busy streets of Old Town Alexandria. They were full of giggles and excitement and looking like a million bucks (each). They had just finished up their high school careers two weeks before and were taking full advantage of their short summer before heading off to the […]

Kristen & Kenny

It’s the little things that help paint a picture of who Kristen and Kenny are. It’s the “Welcome to our Irish Home” sign hanging in the kitchen and the Navy memorabilia tastefully displayed throughout their home. It’s the stretch Hummer limo being used to transport the 16 member bridal party. It’s Kristen’s grandfather cheerfully donning […]

It’s the end of the school year for most of the junior and senior high students that I work with. For some it means the end of high school altogether, and, after watching them grow up for 4 years, all I can do is tell them how exciting college will be. We teamed up with […]