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Bess & Joshua

In a church full of Virginia residents, Josh approached Bess and told her, “We Marylanders should hang out.” She agreed that a group outing would help her meet people in her new town and gave him her number. She only realized later that they were the only two Marylanders.

Teresa & Richard

Richard is adamant about fitness and it’s a hobby that he loves to share.  For the past few years he’s led members of our church in exercise meet-ups during the summer, which he calls the “Commitment to Excellence”. For the record: I did not commit and I wasn’t always the only one. It was on […]

Julie & Daniel – Engagement

A few moments into our Old Town engagement session, Julie asked me if it would be ok to take a couple shots with a viking hat. “A viking hat?” Yes.

Julia & Alan

The park along the waterfront in Georgetown is a great place to spend the waning hours of the weekend. Julia and Alan enjoyed the sunset goofing off at my request in the tall grasses. You can see Julia switching places and dipping Alan, but what is not pictured here are their re-enactments of the “I’m […]

Pear & Phuong Engagement

Pear and Phuong live on the west coast, but decided to get married near our alma mater in Charlottesville, VA. UVA is where they met and got engaged, so it only makes sense that it’s where Phuong would pop the question. There’s a touch of nostalgia in being back on The Grounds in the Academical […]

Katie & Sean

Sean first remembers noticing Katie when she walked in talking loudly while he was playing the guitar. Sean had brought his guitar to college, despite not wanting to be that guy, but admits that playing and singing to her just may have done the trick.

Meera & George – Engagement

Meera and George keep each other, not only at ease, but in fits. They joked with each other and laughed as they posed, apologizing that we weren’t getting “serious” photos.  It’s exactly the fact that they can’t help but smile together that shows off their relationship best!

Ravana & Raymond

It was a nippy evening in New York and Ray and Ravana came stylishly bundled, ready to brave the cold. Stopping into Magnolia bakery to quickly pick up some cupcakes, we were on our way and ready for an engagement session at the High Line.