Teresa & Richard

Manassas, VA

Richard is adamant about fitness and it’s a hobby that he loves to share.  For the past few years he’s led members of our church in exercise meet-ups during the summer, which he calls the “Commitment to Excellence”. For the record: I did not commit and I wasn’t always the only one. It was on one of those days that Teresa showed up as the lone trainee, and so they worked out and grabbed lunch afterwards — it was the first of many times to come.

Fast forward a few years and Richard sits Teresa down in a park to tell her something he’s been carefully waiting to say: “I love you”. Teresa was blown away, knowing how much it meant for him to say that. As they walked back to the car, she said, “Man, what a good day!”, not knowing that, beyond his love, Richard also held a promise of commitment and a ring in his pocket. What a good day indeed.

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    Ping-Ching Reply May 6, 2016 at 10:29 am

    I love the photos Mayline!! Congrats to the beautiful couple!

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