Cardamom Macarons w/ Coconut Buttercream

Putting the KitchenAid to Good Use

My friend, Yi-Ying, has been going hard in the kitchen lately.  She’s always liked baking, but more recently decided to conquer macarons, the notoriously fickle and delicate French sweet. Once she got going it was hard to stop, and it seems like she’s been churning out a batch or two every week. Her flavors run the gamut: chocolate, lucky charms, strawberry lemonade, passion fruit, taro, the list goes on…

With her help I made my first batch! I’ve always like uncommon flavors and so I decided to flavor my shells with cardamom and to fill them with coconut buttercream.  Another friend made the Oreo macarons that you can see in the photos here too.

Yi-Ying’s taking the next step and is officially taking orders for the DMV area! I designed her logo and business cards, so definitely check her out.

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