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Cardamom Macarons w/ Coconut Buttercream

My friend, Yi-Ying, has been going hard in the kitchen lately.  She’s always liked baking, but more recently decided to conquer macarons, the notoriously fickle and delicate French sweet. Once she got going it was hard to stop, and it seems like she’s been churning out a batch or two every week. Her flavors run […]

Bluejacket Brewery and Arsenal Restaurant

Bluejacket is officially opening its doors tonight. The highly anticipated brewery and restaurant is owned by the Neighborhood Restaurant Group and sports 20 original beers and five cask brews. You can read more about the buzz surrounding it on The Washington Post or the Washington Business Journal. I had a chance to shoot a private […]

B.Lin Catering

Ben Lin at B.Lin Catering started up the first evening of his Latin American Tasting Menu series. In the past, he’s offered a variety of menus including Japanese, Vietnamese, and New American. I usually can’t make it because I’m either working or he’s already booked full, but last Friday I was able to swing by […]

Make This | Chewy Triple Ginger Cookies

Hello new year. Yesterday I dropped my 7 quart dutch oven on my foot. Granted, it wasn’t from very far up, but it still was enough to do some mysterious damage. I was fine all throughout the day until the evening when I popped my last batch of cookies into the oven. As I walked […]

Make This | Kir Jensen’s The Ultimate Brownie

If you know me at all, you know I absolutely love food.  I know it’s all the rage to be a foodie now that the Food Network has made watching cupcakes for an hour a real thing, but I promise you I’ve been cooking myself things since elementary school. (Bacon for an after-school snack anyone? […]