Some of my latest weddings.

Calinda & Ronny

Ronny and Calinda first met in Boston, where they both went for school. They originally connected over their love of biking, but found in each other someone who could keep up, on, and off, the trail.

Meera & George

Meera and George’s Hindu and Lutheran wedding ceremony took place in an outdoor tent at the Sunset Hills Vineyard. As they fulfilled each tradition—eating sweets, burning rice, tying scarves, and walking around the fire—George could not stop grinning.

Denise & Michael

Denise first noticed that something was up when Michael, her work buddy, went on vacation.  The creeping realization that she missed him caught her off guard. Denise didn’t go unnoticed by Michael either—her hundred watt smile lit up the room.

Diana & Danny

It was truly an intimate, family affair for Diana and Danny’s wedding. Months of preparation went into creating a unique evening that featured over-sized lawn games like jenga and battleship, a smattering of dancing, and a generous meal.

Nicole & Bo

Nicole and Bo’s wedding was a two day affair: a gorgeous three-part Cambodian ceremony and then an equally picturesque western ceremony the following day.

Cecilia & Derek

When Derek proposed to Cecilia he enlisted many of her friends to help decorate his apartment with balloons, petals, string pennants, and candles. As a thoughtful touch, the flower arrangements he had featured lemons and limes.

Grace & Harrison

People come to the nation’s capitol from all over the world, and it’s not infrequent for those who grew up here to move either. In the midst of all that comes the unlikely and serendipitous story of Grace and Harrison.

Jes & Albert

Fast forward through an unexpected romance that upended the individual plans they thought they had made, and it was Albert who was making new plans to ask Jes to be his wife.