Meera & George

Sunset Hills Vineyard—Purcellville, VA

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Meera and George’s Hindu and Lutheran wedding ceremony took place in an outdoor tent at the Sunset Hills Vineyard. As they fulfilled each tradition—eating sweets, burning rice, tying scarves, and walking around the fire—George could not stop grinning. It’s what happens when your friends and family have come in from all over and your bride looks as beautiful as Meera did in her full bridal outfit.

When they were pronounced husband and wife and were ready to walk down the aisle, George noticed that his shoes had gone missing and that the bridesmaids were grinning. He had told his groomsmen to protect the shoes, but when a bridesmaid came up to them in the middle of the ceremony and urgently whispered, “Where are his shoes! We need his shoes!” they were caught off guard and handed them right over. Nothing could damper the mood though, and George made it through the bridal portraits barefoot.  He eventually did get them back, but not without some hardball negotiations and a pretty penny being spent to ransom each gold flat.

Meera and George danced the night away with props and a mix of bhangra and pop, just as they had the night before at the sangeet party. The tables centerpieces featured flowers in Pyrex beakers (a nod to their work) and they topped off the evening with fresh pies.

Sangeet Venue: Frying Pan Farm Park Visitor Center
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Sunset Hills Vineyard
Catering: DIYA
Pie: Mom’s Apple Pie

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