Julie & Daniel

February 3, 2016

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Julie and Daniel had planned for the cold—it was a December wedding after all. The seasons have been playing tricks on many of my couples though, and even though the wedding fully embraced its Christmas theme, the temperature outside was a delightful 60 degrees.

Their relationship has been unexpected from the the start. Some of you might remember from their engagement shoot that Daniel first considered Julie at a Halloween party, viking hat and all. Julie, for her part, freely admitted that if you had asked her a year prior if she would be attending this church, or living outside of the city, or even marrying that guy she saw around church sometimes, she would have said no. But God had different plans, and she affirmed that His plans are good!

Surrounded by friends, family, and community, Julie and Daniel committed to walk with each other through the rest of their lives. Julie’s father serenaded them both with a piece from a German opera, and Julie’s matron of honor raised a glass with the following:

“When we were in college I tricked Julie into going with me to a tae bo class. I say ‘tricked’ because I told her it was going to be a fun workout, but in reality it was marked as ‘H3’—the highest of intensity and the most demanding in skill. After we were done, Julie was pumped and said, ‘That was awesome! I felt like it was going to die!’

It is my hope and wish for the two of you that your marriage will be that H3 level of skill, dedication, and awesomeness.”

I didn’t have a glass in hand, but I’ll cheers to that.

Ceremony: Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church
Reception: China Garden
Hotel: Hyatt House
Makeup: Suhreal Artistry
Cake: Cake and Compassion

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