Calinda & Ronny

Wheaton, MD

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Ronny and Calinda first met in Boston, where they both went for school. They originally connected over their love of biking, but found in each other someone who could keep up, on, and off, the trail.

Ronny’s best man Shawn recalled how he knew something was up when Ronny came to visit. Purportedly, it was to visit him, but Ronny ended up spending most of his time with Calinda instead. As the relationship deepened, Ronny and his friend discussed each daunting hurdle of self-sacrifice that comes in every lasting relationship. Weighing pros and cons aside, Shawn would always end up asking, “is Calinda worth it?” Was she worth the time, the change, the proposal? The answer was always yes.

Guests had come from as far as China and as close as down the street to pack tightly into Gourmet Inspirations in Bethesda Maryland. The high-spirited energy quickly ramped up with cheering, toasts, and generous laughter that rang throughout the banquet hall. Ronny’s relatives took to the mic to sing in Chinese and Calinda and her father delighted the crowd as they shuffled and shimmied to the BeeGees for their father/daughter dance.

Ceremony: Viers Mill Baptist Church 
Reception: Gourmet Inspirations
Portrait Location: Strathmore Mansion

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