Grace & Harrison

China Garden - Arlington, VA

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These days it’s easy to find transplants, especially in D.C. People come to the nation’s capital from all over the world, and it’s not infrequent for those who grew up here to move either. In the midst of all that comes the unlikely and serendipitous story of Grace and Harrison.

They were neighbors growing up and first met while waiting at school bus stop. It wasn’t love at first sight, nor were they high school sweethearts. They were just friends. Fast forward through middle school, high school, and even college, where they lost touch and went their separate ways. It wasn’t until after graduation when they each moved back to their respective homes that they noticed each other. At first it was a genial reconnection and an opportunity to have a work out buddy, but it quickly turned into a chance to fall in love with the boy/girl next door.

Grace got ready in her childhood home – the house was filled to the brim with nine bridesmaids and three generations of women.  The bridesmaids spun themselves in circles, smartphone instructions in hand, as they figured out how to get their yukatas (traditional Japanese garment) on.

Just down the street, Harrison and his groomsmen were getting ready.  In one of the coolest groom’s party wedding traditions I’ve seen, all of his friends pitched in to buy him a sword.  Given Harrison’s Japanese heritage, they chose to gift him an awesome (sharp!) samurai sword with an intricately carved hilt.

When it came time for the first look, there was only one thing they could think of doing. Harrison walked down the same street that he did decades ago, this time to stand and wait for his bride.

Yukatas are traditionally meant for the summer, worn during festivals where the explosion of color in the trees can be matched by the brightly colored patterns of this casual kimono. Our spring was off to a rocky start however and a few days before the wedding the final throes of winter spat out 5 inches. While it wasn’t what Grace originally had in mind, it did provide a stunning backdrop for their bright robes!

Ceremony: Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church
Reception: China Garden
Second Shooter: Darrell Chan
Portrait Location: Meadowlark Gardens

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