Cecilia & Derek

Marriott Long Wharf - Boston, MA

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When Derek proposed to Cecilia he enlisted many of her friends to help decorate his apartment with balloons, petals, string pennants, and candles. As a thoughtful touch, the flower arrangements he had featured lemons and limes. Cecilia, a physical therapist with a compassionate heart and a quirky humor, had once had a patient who was severely injured from working in a greenhouse and had told Derek that she would rather have citrus than blooms.

As Derek got down on one knee, said lovely things, and washed her feet as a sign of how he would serve her in a Christ-like manner, Cecilia commented, “Did you know that there’s a lime shortage??” “Honey… pay attention!”

It’s with this same humor, comfort, and humility that these two were married at the beautiful Boston Marriott Long Wharf on what turned out to be the first break of spring.

At the end of Cecilia and Derek’s wedding, her father remarked to her, “Your wedding went so smoothly and was so beautiful… your friends must be so tired!”  Friends had come together to make the programs, DJ the party, sew her dress, arrange the centerpieces, and shoot the photos and video for the day. It was the most DIY-that-did-not-look-DIY wedding I have ever seen!

Hair & makeup by May Chin | Hair & Makeup
Bouquets by Whirly Girl Flowers

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