Jes & Albert

Hotel Ballard - Seattle, WA

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For many years now, Jes has been a consistent practitioner of yoga and, more importantly, a loyal customer of Lululemon. The apparel wasn’t just for yoga time, it was for all the time.

So when Jes introduced Albert to her sister Bernice as “the guy who wears Lululemon”, Bernice predicted (correctly) that they would soon be dating.

Fast forward through an unexpected romance that upended the individual plans they thought they had made, and it was Albert who was making new plans to ask Jes to be his wife. Aiming to surprise, he made dinner reservations at the site of their first date and called Jes’s father to ask for permission. It was his undoing on both levels.

Jes saw the dinner date scheduled in their mutual calendar. “Did I do that, or did you?”  “I did” Albert said, immediately regretting it. Scheduling dinner plans was not his normal behavior and it was likely to blow his cover. It didn’t matter though because the day after he asked for permission, Jes’s father wrote to say, “Albert has asked for your hand, isn’t that nice?”

Jes started to run circles in her mind, wanting to tell everybody and nobody at the same time on the slim chance he didn’t ask. She was so nervous that when they went to dinner, she talked and talked while Albert silently felt the weight in his pocket. He couldn’t get a word in edgewise until the end of meal. When he did, he asked her if she wanted to upgrade the ring he had previously given her. She said yes, of course!

Jes and Albert took photos at Golden Gardens Park. Jes looked so picturesque in her amazing dress that a small child came out of nowhere and said, “You are beautiful!” and then, unsure of what to do next, she hugged Jes and then walked away. (For the record, I looked for a parent and saw none.)

The ceremony and reception were held at Hotel Ballard, a beautiful rooftop venue that was perfect on such an exquisite day. They have suites surrounding the event space making it very convenient, and a lovely fireplace you can cozy up to while looking across the sound to Mt. Olympus.

Along with the normal scenic view, that Saturday Hotel Ballard also had a great view of a local short-track bike race. Albert and Jes cheered on the contestants from above as the sun went down.

Congratulations to Jes and Albert!

Ceremony & Reception: Hotel Ballard
Catering: Stoneburner
Second Shooter: Amber Zbitnoff
Florist: Memaries Wedding and Event Decor
Portrait Location: Golden Gardens Park
Dress: David’s Bridal Tulle Ball Gown with Lace Appliques VW351162
Shoes: Manolo Bhlanik Chaos Sandals

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