O & Jerry

St. Francis Hall - Washington, DC

Jerry’s sister Cindy prepared her glass for her toast and recounted her version of how Jerry and O met. Jerry, her dear older brother, had always been picky – telling her after dates that the girls he met just weren’t quite right. Too this, too that, and with deal breakers hidden not far from the surface. She expected to hear more of the same from him when he came back from a first date at the art museum, but, surprisingly, it wasn’t the case.

For their first date, Jerry showed up 15 minutes early, while O arrived promptly 30 minutes late. Nevertheless, it was worth it. They roamed the museum, got lost, and were scolded by guards for laughing too loudly. Jerry knew right away that this could have a future. O thought Jerry was just “Okay”.

Fast forward four years, and on their wedding day it appears that Jerry wasn’t picky, he just had a keen sense of what he wanted all along. It was beautiful and sunny at St. Francis Hall, and O, radiant with an infectious smile, put Jerry at ease with quiet joy.

O’s parents weren’t able to physically attend the ceremony, but they were able to be present in other ways. O talked to them on the phone while getting ready, showing them the venue and chatting out the last-minute jitters. O’s mother herself made the wedding dress and bridesmaid gowns (I know, right?), and, through the power of FaceTime, the parents got a front-row seat of the vows while all the way in Thailand. It was perfect enough to be an ad for Apple.

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Not pictured, but worth noting: they served a whole roasted suckling pig (lechon) during cocktail hour. I didn’t post it because not everybody will see a whole pig carcass and think “mmm”, but they’re not me. It was so good and definitely packed a “wow” factor. I scheme now about what excuse I can have in the future to order one.

Ceremony and Reception: St. Francis Hall


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