Amanda & Kenneth

W Hotel - Washington, DC

When Amanda started talking to her sister more and more about this “Uncle Kenny” guy she met at work, red flags started going off in Sarah’s head.  She imagined a balding, 40 year old man chatting up her little sister. To her relief, “Uncle Kenny” was just a nickname referring to the fact that Kenneth was an uncle despite being roughly the same age of his nephew. Over the course of Amanda and Kenneth’s relationship though, it came to bear that the nickname was fitting: Kenneth revealed a near-magic quality of how well he was with children. Sarah toasted the couple saying that she was so happy he could now truly be “Uncle Kenny” to her son.

On the ground floor, the Saturday night line to get into the rooftop bar of the W wound its way out the building and around the corner, but down below, the bar-goers didn’t know what they were missing. Amanda and Kenneth’s reception featured an amazing twelve-piece band and guests who started dancing before dinner was even served (they had to be seated so that the bridal party could be introduced!). They cheered for the couple, hoisting Kenneth up into the air, and even fanned the lead singer who “fainted” on the stage. It was a mix of enthusiastic friends and family, all so excited to be there for Amanda and Kenneth’s big day.

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Ceremony Location: Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church

Reception Location: W Hotel

Band: Rhythm Collective

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