Tom Brokaw

Easter Seals Advocacy Awards Dinner 2013

I met Tom Brokaw.

Well… not “meet” exactly, but like he was definitely in touching distance (which I didn’t do because I’m not a creep). I’m just a kid who grew up watching him every night with my family over dinner. My respect for him is probably only barely surpassed by Brian Williams. (Who’s a nerd? This girl.)

He was visiting the Easter Seals campus located in Maryland to get a better understanding of the incredible work that they do.  It was a multi-generational facility that serviced both children with disabilities and seniors/veterans. Often times as a society we compartmentalize, forgetting how beautiful it can be for a child to bring energy to the elderly and for the elderly to provide wisdom to youth.

Mr. Brokaw’s mere presence triggered local media outlets to come cover the event and highlight the facility. Being but a day after the Boston bombings, his time was limited, already clipped short from being on the Today show. I thought to myself, if this is his retirement, what was it like while he was still lead anchor?

Knowing his importance and thinking of all the things in the world he’s seen, I found him to be very intimidating, but comforting and familiar all at the same time.  His was the voice that had solemnly informed of tragedy during times worth fearing, and asked questions for when we needed answers.  It’s good to see that now he still uses his voice to draw attention to those who aren’t easily heard.

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