Kaitlyn & John

Sunset Crest Manor - Chantilly, VA

For being the first wedding of the season, Kaitlyn and John’s was such a wonderful way to start. 100% organized, Kaitlyn had taken full advantage of the 16 month engagement to pull off what was a flawlessly-coordinated, beautiful event. (Mint and gold! What a refreshing color theme.) I’m personally a stickler about inefficiency and bad planning, and the day left me in awe. From the army men in the hors d’oeuvres (as homage to John) to the surprise gift boxes she gave to her vendors, she had all the small details nailed to the T. The crowning glory of it all being the best executed family portrait session I’ve ever seen – something so amazing that I’ll blog about it later.

Kaitlyn’s abundant kindness and attention to detail made it clear that, above all, she is thoughtful.  Her and John were such a fun couple and it made me excited to see what the rest of this season holds. Thanks again (as always) to Carly Arnwine whom I love shooting with!

A Highlight: The maid of honor gave her toast and told John and Kaitlyn to hold hands and look deep into each other’s eyes. They did so lovingly and then the maid of honor said, “John, enjoy this moment, because it’s the absolute last time you will ever have the upper hand.”  Well done.

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Ceremony: Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Reception: Sunset Crest Manor

Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Mint and Pink Lady Dragon Bow Shoes

UFC Groom’s Cake: Valerie Paylor

Dress: Essence of Australia D1032

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