Carly & Andrew

King Family Vineyards - Crozet, VA

I traveled the farthest I’ve gone so far to help shoot Carly and Andrew’s wedding – all the way down past my dear alma mater (wahoo wa!). The Monticello region is studded with vineyards, about 40 in total, and I think it was just a matter of time until the beautiful venues came calling, and, wow, are they beautiful. I had the pleasure of working with Carly Arnwine again, and we worked quickly to fight the oncoming dusk; calling it quits as the moon began to peek out and the sun dipped low.

I loved the super-talented River City Band who played blue grass throughout the night. The kids were breaking it down in the most serious of ways and hamming it up for the cameras. I thought for sure it would give this wedding the distinction of being the only one last season to not play Gangnam Style, but I was proven wrong. A quick switch to an iPod during a band break meant there was enough k-pop and Apache for the party to “jump on it”.

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A highlight: The evening was wrapping up and a bourbon toast meant for the boys was foolishly left unattended.  After some dares and (very little) instigation, the ladies boldly swept in and downed it all before the groom’s party could organize for their night cap. The expressions of the onlookers say it all! I love it.

Ceremony: Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Ivy

Reception: King Family Vineyards

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