The Army Distaff Foundation Inc.

Washington, DC

The Army Distaff Foundation hosted its 17th Annual Gala to honor this year’s recipients of the Eisenhower Distinguished Citizen Award, Secretary of Defense and three-term US Senator William S. Cohen and Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers (R-KY).

1Dis·taff –  Device used in hand spinning thread. From 17th-century England, the word distaff became a synonym for maternal side of the family as most spinning was done by women in their homes. – Merriam-Webster

Originally founded in 1959 to serve and provide needed care for Army widows, the Army Distaff Foundation’s residential hall, Knollwood, was opened to retired military officers of all services in 1989. Through fundraising and generous donations, the Foundation is able to ensure that no eligible person is denied residency and needed care.

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Location: Knollwood: A Military Retirement Residence

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