The Boardwalk

August 30, 2012

With the summer winding down and school just about to start, I went with ladies-only trip to the Ocean City. The high school girls from the youth group I lead had done all the work: they found a place on the boardwalk and they picked a date, they just needed adults with a credit card and a car. Works for me.

One girl in particular is an enterprising young blogger whose site, Diary of a Teenage Baker, has already been featured numerous times on  Her request to get a good profile picture resulted in all of the girls getting their time in front of the lens.  While it’s fun to dress up and wear semi-formal gowns on the beach, the best part of the trip was the fried boardwalk foods and playing chicken with the incoming waves on the shore.

OC824_1 OC824_2 OC824_3 OC824_4

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