Kristen & Kenny

St. Leo the Great Church - Fairfax, VA

It’s the little things that help paint a picture of who Kristen and Kenny are. It’s the “Welcome to our Irish Home” sign hanging in the kitchen and the Navy memorabilia tastefully displayed throughout their home. It’s the stretch Hummer limo being used to transport the 16 member bridal party. It’s Kristen’s grandfather cheerfully donning a hot-pink feather boa and toting a Corona as he enters the photobooth with 5 bridesmaids, and it’s the best man remarking how rare and lucky it is to be watching two people, whom he knows so well and loves, getting married. It’s even the friend who decides to rock the dancefloor when “Billie Jean” comes on.

Kristen and Kenny met as teens, and it’s abundantly clear that the communities around them have been anticipating this celebration for a long time. It’s a day filled with joy and I’m so glad that I had a chance to be there with them.

Many thanks to Carly Arnwine, a fantastic Northern Virginia wedding photographer, for asking me to accompany her, encouraging me, and letting me experiment with her equipment. She’s truly awesome. Go check her out!

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Ceremony: St. Leo the Great Church
Reception: Westfield Marriott

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