Ebony & Dominique

Double Tree Hotel - Arlington, VA

Ebony met Dominique in high school when she made the gutsy move to say hi to him on the bleachers.  He wasn’t too friendly at first, and, snubbed, she decided that it wasn’t worth her time anyways.  It was only later when Dominique sat down next to her on the bus did this love story begin.  Years have gone by since those high school days, but the joy that they bring each other is evident.

Ebony and Dominique said their vows at Friendship Church Outreach Ministry in Capitol Heights, MD. It was a ceremony full of joy followed by a short, celebratory reception with the sweetest tea I’d ever had. A grandma in the kitchen told me she called it “crack tea” and asked me if I liked it. I had had two glasses already.

During toasts, friends encouraged them to support each other, settle down, and know that this was truly special. Young and old then tore up the dance floor – even the aforementioned grandma made it down the soul train line. Congrats to Ebony and Dominique!

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Thanks to Darrell Chan for second shooting.

Getting Ready: Double Tree Hotel Arlington, VA
Ceremony: Friendship Church Outreach Ministry Capitol Heights, MD
Event Planning: Sapphire Events DC 

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