CTPC Senior Banquet 2013

Lovely Ladies, All Grown Up

It’s the end of my first school year of directing the Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church Youth Group, but it’s been years of being involved. For many of these girls, I’ve seen them since they were in middle school, from the time when they were still with braces, glasses, and refusing to wear skirts. Though they still look young (the Asian genes will haunt you us until we’re 40), they’ve grown to be thoughtful, kind, fiery, and beautiful – inside and out. I’ve grown too, and I know that they’ve been patient during that time as well.

It’s been an honor and a blessing to spend time with these ladies. I know I hold the prayer that their parents do as well, that during college they would continue to understand how wide, how long, how high and how deep is the love of Christ.

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