Perry and Chanali

Haebler Memorial Chapel - Towson, MD

Perry had an easy time of slipping off Chanali’s heels, but the congregation laughed as Chanali visibly struggled in untying and removing Perry’s dress shoes and socks. They were attempting to wash each other’s feet to symbolize how they would selflessly and humbly serve each other through marriage.  The reverend joked that if this imbalance was any indication of their marriage to come, then Perry looked to be far more high-maintenance.

In the Haebler Memorial Chapel located on the campus of Goucher College, Perry and Chanali gave full glory to God as they tied the knot, and, in their case, jumped the broom. They had a full praise band, complete with 4 singers and a packed out chapel of friends and family there to send their love and support.

Many thanks to Ann Hoang (who is newly married herself!) for inviting me to come shoot this lovely couple with her.S91_5 S91_3 S91_2  S91_6 S91_4S91_1

Ceremony – Haebler Memorial Chapel
Reception –  Cylburn Arboretum

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