Fairfax High School Homecoming

Fairfax, VA

A girl from my youth group decided to bring me on to take pictures of her homecoming crew before they went out for the main event.  I suppose if you’re spending time gussying yourself up, you might as well capture the moment! Of course, as these things are prone to go, the group expanded by the time the date came, and before I knew it I had 16 students on my hands – rivaling some of the larger bridal parties I’ve seen.

I’m actually glad they chose the nearby playground to take pictures; I thought it was a fun visual contrast between kids they are at heart and the adults they’re becoming. They were a lot of fun, obviously excited and full of energy, and my, don’t they clean up nicely.

J106_1 J106_2 J106_3 J106_4 J106_5

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