Jessica & Bryan

W&OD Trail - Vienna, VA

When I met up with Bryan and Jessica in Vienna for their engagement session I was a little under the weather, but there’s nothing that can cheer you up like spending time with good friends.

I knew it was going to be a lot of fun, and from the final frames it’s their personalities that shine through. They constantly make each other laugh, and amidst sweet moments their silliness and joking nature show. I think if it were entirely up to Bryan, their fall engagement shoot would’ve featured full-body animal costumes (turns out he left it in the car).

They met through a friend during a board game night. She’s a teacher and a Fulbright Scholar who can secretly breakdance. He’s a software engineer who has no shame in his cheesy humor and honest nature. When they’re together it’s a joy that is sacrificial in its love. Whether it’s making soup when the other is sick or Bryan helping Jessica grade tests, they are caring for one another in a way that is foundational to marriage.

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Jessica is a longtime Yelp Elite member, leading them to cute coffee houses and the latest spot to eat in DC. It makes sense then that Bryan decided to propose through programming his own custom Yelp app with close friends and family waiting to pop out from behind the corner.


Cheers and congratulations to the bride and groom to be!

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