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Kira | Graduation

I peeked into my archive to find these gems of Kira. Congrats grad!

Allen & Elaine | Family 2016

Nothing says fall like flannel and a toasted marshmallow!

Katherine & Martin | Family 2016

With bright and vivid imagination, the tall grasses were bouquets and the cannons were mountains to be scaled.

Aliesha & Marcus | 1st Birthday

Maddox turns 1! It seems like just yesterday that we were doing an engagement shoot, but this little guy is already celebrating his 12th month.

Luke’s 2nd Birthday

Happy second birthday to this little guy! Luke turned two and time sure does move quickly. He’s now running around and learning all sorts of new words, including “Anakin” and “Darth Vader”.

Year Up – July 2016

Congratulations to another cohort of Year Up National Capital Region! This graduation was the 20th celebration of their Arlington campus and the 1st of their new Woodbridge campus.

Pear & Phuong

Calinda & Ronny

Ronny and Calinda first met in Boston, where they both went for school. They originally connected over their love of biking, but found in each other someone who could keep up, on, and off, the trail.

Bess & Joshua

In a church full of Virginia residents, Josh approached Bess and told her, “We Marylanders should hang out.” She agreed that a group outing would help her meet people in her new town and gave him her number. She only realized later that they were the only two Marylanders.

Teresa & Richard

Richard is adamant about fitness and it’s a hobby that he loves to share.  For the past few years he’s led members of our church in exercise meet-ups during the summer, which he calls the “Commitment to Excellence”. For the record: I did not commit and I wasn’t always the only one. It was on […]